testing, testing...

keep your grapes peeled y'all (if there is anyone left out there that used to read me)

i am taking a tentative step towards coming back to blogging regularly. i've been feeling the itch, mama's just trying to scratch it.

once back to business, this place will be once again a weight-loss blog, but also just a life blog in general.

i was looking back at my old posts and god...i can't believe i ever looked that young. like a baby! and sadly, i can't believe that in looking at some of my old progress photos that i was ever the size that i was. in the two years since i quit blogging i've gained about 25lbs, and am now right under my highest weight ever.

i've grown up and battled through so much in two years....i want to be like the girl who wrote this blog as a fresh faced 22 year old. as hard as i thought things were back then, i wish life was still so nice and easy. i want to have that much pep and kick-ass back.

here's to me taking back my life (and my body!)

hope to see y'all soon!