updated progress pics....

thank you for reminding me!

i'm pleased...but i just dont see as big of an improvement from the last one...and that was almost 20 lbs ago! perhaps its going from other places than my belly...(though check out my booty...whered it go?!)

regardless...i'm happy. i know i'm kicking serious ass. *kaPOW*


back in the saddle (weigh-in)...

ok folks, new weigh in day, and my first official weigh in since my body, brain, and scale decided to battle...

and here are the resulllllts.

starting weight: 350
current weight: 318.4
loss since last weigh in: -5
total loss: -31.6

ahhh...so nice. i do so love the feeling that comes with having a great weigh in, especially when you've been fighting so long and not seeing the numbers you want.

and guys..i'm so pumped. i am just 3.4 little lbs away from my first 10% loss. its taken a hell of a lot longer than i anticipated, but the fact is, i will hit that goal. i can take pride in knowing that when i hit a roadbump this time around, it was only a month or two where i was caught spinning, not 6 months or a year or more and wake up again 30 lbs heavier. no, i can proudly shout that i am 30 lbs lighter today, and i can feel it in every part of my life.

in other news.. i have 98 followers! you guys!? thats so awesome....i'm kinda feelin like i should do somethin to thank you. i'm a little broke for a giveaway, but i'll def think of something :)


well hello there...

hey all...

things have been purdy exciting around these parts lately but at the same time, i just have not been in the mood to blog.

first things...its spring motherfuckers! it is gorg-us out all the time now and i can't get enough.

second thing...my body finally corrected whatever imbalance was going on inside that kept making my weight fluctuate so much (and maybe some fresh batteries for the scale helped too) and i'm back down to my lowest weight since starting in august. in fact, i'm down 1 from there, leaving me at 321 for the week.

now that i'm back where i feel like i should have been all along, i'm ready to get back into posting my weekly weigh ins. i'm claiming mondays as my new weigh in day, ensuring that i will be on my game during the weekends and ready for weigh in bright and early monday.

thats bout all i've got for ya's today, other than school is going great, ready for summer....

i promise i will try and post at least once a week, but we're in the final lap here for school and projects and finals are looming, so, i will do my bestest.

till then...