back in the saddle (weigh-in)...

ok folks, new weigh in day, and my first official weigh in since my body, brain, and scale decided to battle...

and here are the resulllllts.

starting weight: 350
current weight: 318.4
loss since last weigh in: -5
total loss: -31.6

ahhh...so nice. i do so love the feeling that comes with having a great weigh in, especially when you've been fighting so long and not seeing the numbers you want.

and guys..i'm so pumped. i am just 3.4 little lbs away from my first 10% loss. its taken a hell of a lot longer than i anticipated, but the fact is, i will hit that goal. i can take pride in knowing that when i hit a roadbump this time around, it was only a month or two where i was caught spinning, not 6 months or a year or more and wake up again 30 lbs heavier. no, i can proudly shout that i am 30 lbs lighter today, and i can feel it in every part of my life.

in other news.. i have 98 followers! you guys!? thats so awesome....i'm kinda feelin like i should do somethin to thank you. i'm a little broke for a giveaway, but i'll def think of something :)


  1. Wonderful!!! keep up the good work!!

  2. wow congratulations, that is a fantastic loss!

  3. Almost 10%? Fuckin' Eh!! That's FANTASTIC!!! Before you know it, you'll never have to worry about seeing a '3' at the beginning of your weight EVAH again!! Right on, Girl! Keep your head up! You are gonna ROX those shorts!

  4. Looks like it is about time for another progress pic! Great job. I am looking for a big loss soon too - I have been fighting for a long time without one...

  5. I haven't weighed in almost 2 months... and I'm terrified.

    Good for you, chica!

  6. Right now you have 99 followers! Must feel good :)

    5 lbs! Are you crazy! That is soooo awesome!

  7. Great job on the loss! Congrats!

  8. I'm 316 today...down from 350! So we're about the same!!:) It's hard, but I'll get there..right now I'm aiming for BELOW 300!