snowed in and kickin ass...

we've got maaaajor snow here, but lemme tell ya what, there is no better workout than shoveling snow.

my undying need for freedom from cabin fever has me out in the white stuff, shoveling like a pro. after a few hours of scooping and tossing onto an ever-towering wall of snow, my arms and legs are tight and burning, but i was loving it. i love being outside in the snow. though frankly i wanted to jump into it and build a fort more than i wanted to do work, but my dad and i paired up and worked alternately to clear out both our cars and the rest of the driveway out to the road. if the township doesn't send someone to plow, we'll be back out there again tomorrow clearing the 4 foot high snow drifts that stretch all the way up our quarter mile lane. jeebus.

but the payoff? 1 hour of shoveling burns 500 calories. !!! um? win!?!

i've decided to start posting my calorie goals and activity again. it definitely helped me stay on top of things. i've also started logging my food on fitday.com. when i was losing consistently i got into the habit of being able to judge my food by sight, but i'm feeling the need for a little structure. no one is gonna make me do it but me, so hey, here's me saying its time to do work. time to find that place where i just do it, that place where i'm pumped and focused and committed. i'm gonna pretend that the "ball" is made of spun sugar and full of something precious, like dreams and newborn puppies. i absolutely canNOT drop that ball. think of the puppies!

in other new, i had a really good day today, eating wise. i did go over my initial goal, but the level of effort i was putting in outside demanded some extra calories to burn. at the end of the day, i came in with a pretty good deficit, so i'm not upset.


calorie goal: 2,000
calories eaten: 2,300
snow shoveling-2 hours
calories burned: 1,114 !!!!

till the next time folks!


  1. Shoveling snow sounds like a great calorie burn...but building a snow fort sounds like a lot more fun! I wonder how many calories you could burn doing that! :)

  2. Shoveling snow is an awesome workout!! I think snow fort building counts too.:-)

  3. Awesome workout! I never really believed that people could burn 500 cals in an hour, until now that is! Great going