oh. hi....

perhaps you may have noticed a slight decrease in the posts department over here?

yea. about that...

i found a loophole around not being able to post from my laptop. this is true.
i can post from school. also true.

i am absolutely, 100% not pleased/feeling majorly guilty about sucking hard in the weight-loss/eating well/exercise department. majorly true.

i've been avoiding posting like the plague. i just shudder at the thought of coming here day after day and posting about how i need to work harder and so clearly am NOT doing so.

clearly, a wake-up call needs to happen. i've become more and more content each day with crappy (oh and i mean crappppy) eating habits i would have flipped out about mere months ago. no good.

i'm straddling a line here. i could go back. really, i could. no one could stop me really. but do i want to go back? do i want to go back to dying each time i climb the stairs? do i want to totally eradicate the progress i've made so far? just to eat junk food and veg out?

fuck. that.

i'm doing it. just fucking doing it. no giving up. no excuses.

here on out.


  1. you can do it
    i have faith in you
    blog everyday it keeps ya accountable
    ill help kick ya into gear

  2. that fact that your blogging and thinking about this is good. we all want to see you reach your goals. you can do it.


  3. You can do it, everyone falls down sometimes.

    Just remember your own words (that I love btw!)

    Goals people, lets achieve them! :)!

  4. Absolutely do not give up! I can totally empathize. I've been thinking about potato chips all day, which is not healthy. But I haven't given in and do not intend to. Some days are easy and some days involve recommitting every hour. I think if we both just keep plugging away we'll get through this tough spell and find our motivation again!
    - Kate (a blog fan without a blog of her own)

  5. You can do it! No worries about what has been happening, just dust yourself off and try it again!

  6. you can do this, i know it. you can do anything you set your mind to!

  7. It is in these moments where you truly decide whether you will succeed or fail, not just at the beginning when you are motivated. You can do this, but you can't wait for someone to come along and make the good decisions for you b/c you'll be waking up 45 years old and who knows how heavy- you can do this Erin- YOU CAN. CHOOSE TO!

  8. You remind me of me! Keep on going, girl!! Also, I just nominated you for an award over at my blog :)

  9. I posted earlier in the week about withdrawing when life gets... messy. You're certainly not alone in that department. Welcome back. :)

  10. I gave you the Sunshine award over on my blog. Check it out. http://theroadbacktobeingme.blogspot.com/2010/03/awards.html