annnnnd we're off...

jesus can you believe that january is almost over already?!

its been crazy busy and exciting so far, but first things first...

i weighed in friday morning because i was going to be away from my scale on saturday and heeeeere's the numbers

starting weight: 342.4
current weight: 335.4
loss this week: -1.8
total loss: - 7.0

pretty awesome! i'm trying to work on move my weigh in to sometime during the week, might stick with fridays for now though.

another awesome thing? my campus is offering free zumba classes every day of the week! freak yeaaaaaaaa....i think i'm gonna try to go next wednesday. i'm so excited.

i'm dealing with some performance anxiety now that i've officially put in my intent to graduate in the spring. i'm spazzing a little bit to get my internship set up and all my classes taken care of. so far i think this semester will be pretty chill though.

hope you guys are having a great start to 2011 too!

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  1. WOOOOHOOOO awesome weigh in!! FREE ZUMBA?! That is so freakin' awesome!!