a full day, a perfect day...

perfect days are so rare, and so wonderful....like a rainbow, the longer it sticks around the brighter it makes your day.

today was one of those days. there was no rainbow, but babydolls, i didnt need one.

i got a solid 8 hours of sleep last night. woke up early enough to not only shower and pick out a cute outfit, but to eat a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch, and put a healthy dinner in the crock pot. i also left the house early enough to make it on campus 20 minutes early, and get a great parking spot.

at this point i was braced for the other shoe to drop right on my head. but it didnt. it kept on being amazing.

home to a hot meal, and now relaxing on the couch with some criminal minds. ready to enjoy my weekend.

lets see if this rainbow can keep on shining. i'm taking it one day at a time.