getting ready...

oh man. tomorrow's the day.

THE frigging day!

part of my preparations are taking inventory of my pantry and fridge, to start plotting out meals, and jotting down a list of necessaries.

another part of that is cleaning. i don't know about anyone else, but when my house is a clutter hole, i always get just a little bit lazy. having clothes piled in my bedroom, towels everywhere in the bathroom, and the kitchen in shambles makes me just want to escape with a bag of cheetos in front of the tv.
so today, is a cleaning day. a laundry day. a dishes day. as much as i hate it, i know it will help me, and that's really all the reasoning i need.

one of the things i've been planning to do is keep a body log. i want to post or privately journal every day about how my body feels. i want to be able to track the correlations between what i eat and what i do, the effects it has on my body, and vice versa. i think by recording it, i might be able to see patterns from month to month so that i can proactively prepare for when my hardest days will hit.

i'm also taking inspiration from the people doing the Hot 100 challenge. i'm not actually participating in the challenge, but i will be doing a personal challenge for myself. the idea is that you start with 3 or more goals that you challenge yourself to stick with every week, for the last 100 days of 2010. tomorrow i will be stating my goals as well as my first (or billionth first) official weigh-in.

to be honest, i'm scared. but also freaking excited.
its been a long time since i've gotten excited about doing something for myself.

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