like trying to run with only one foot...

progress has been up and down. i mean, i know its only been a matter of days since day one, but sometimes i forget how much you actually have to pay attention to do what you want to do. i feel like i've been tripping over my own feet, getting in my own way, and it's making me feel like a rookie.

one thing that i think will be a huge help; i just got the livestrong.com MyPlate app for my blackberry. now i can put in my info from anywhere instead of trying to remember to get on the computer at the end of the day. i'm on my phone all the time, so it should help keep tracking my foods on the front burner of my brain. i KNOW that for me tracking is absolutely key. tracking, more than anything else is what helped me lose 30+ lbs last time. so its kind of an obvious priority. dont know why it took me this long to figure that out.

with the start of the fall semester, another struggle is making sure i have healthy, easy to prepare (or heat up) meals for school nights. on mondays i only have one class, and don't have to leave till 5 so i have been trying to plan on cooking several nights worth of meals on monday nights. tuesdays and thursdays i'm on campus from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. here is where the pre-made meals come in. by the time i get home from school, i am starving. so i need to have something to eat right away, and that something needs to be healthy and filling enough that i dont feel the need to graze later while watching tv and doing homework.

tonight i made some baaaaaaangin sesame chicken. i used a weight watchers recipe and modified it slightly. it wasnt exactly takeout style, but it was so freaking good. especially with some white rice and green beans. YUM!

here's to relearning old lessons!
see ya'll on saturday

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  1. I wish you luck! Its hard to get started again, but it sounds like your headed in the right direction.