week 1 weigh in...




thats a loss of 1.2 lbs.

i'm ok with it. not ecstatic, but i've got one week down and i lost. thats a win in my book.

as for my goals, lets check in and see how i did:
-track every day- i didnt really get my act completely together until about wednesday, but i've been tracking consistently every day since.
-30 mins of activity per day- so didnt happen. this one will probably be the hardest for me to get in every week.
-take my vitamins every day- i only remembered to take my vitamin twice this week, but i'm working myself into a routine. someone suggested to me that i take my vitamin at night time before i go to bed. i've been doing it the last two days and i wake up feeling pretty awesome. apparently the body absorbs it better at night. i've been popping a vitamin each night right before i brush my teeth, so hopefully i can keep up this habit going.
-motivational quote- i think i'm going to can this one because i weigh first thing in the morning and i completely forgot about doing this. maybe i'll pick one or two fun quotes to put on there every month or so.

alright, decent first week back. let's go week two!

P.S. I'm playing around with new backgrounds and stuff, and i wanted to know if the one i currently have up makes it difficult to read, or do you guys dig it?


  1. Every little loss will add up to one giant number in the end!! GOOD JOB!! Keep up the great work!! :D

  2. It is a little hard to read with the lines in the page, I think....

  3. Hey, found your blog over at Hadley's place. A loss is a loss and is something to be ecstatic over. You should be proud.

  4. congratulations!! You should be proud of yourself for that loss! Keep it up!

  5. congrats on the loss.
    the white and light grey on yellow are a bit tough to read. take care,