my life in lists...

surfing around the internet the other night i found fitday.com, a sort of free weight watchers type journaling/tracking site. since it offers a free version of the program, i decided to sign up and see what it might have to offer. it seems a little intense, but i think i'm just going to use it as a place to record my day-to-day food journals and possibly some advice when i need it.

though to be honest i have a bit of a fetish with keeping written journals and notebooks. for years i've been what my family calls a "list-maker". my mom and i have both kept notebooks upon piles of notebooks for years of to do lists and journals and what not. i dunno, there's just something cathartic about writing down with pen and paper the thoughts in your head. i'm one of those "out of sight out of mind" people and also a champion procrastinator, so lists and journaling always keep me more in track.

as far as my day to day, i've been eating a definitely more balanced day's worth of food along with trying to get a regular amount of sleep and get my sleep schedule back to a good place. other than that i've been trying to get myself back into an exercise routine.

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  1. Nice to meet you fellow list maker. :) Literally I write a list of things I have to remember in the morning on a post it. Then I post it on my vanity mirror where I do my make up. It is crazy.