rediscovering my inner workout goddess/cooking like old mother hubbard...

man oh man.
i decided to finally make myself get back into a workout routine and i kicked major ass at it today. i got a ton of sleep and was all geared to go. i did some weights and stuff in the gym and then did level one of the Biggest Loser Boot Camp dvd.

i never did the whole thing before, but i pushed myself and didnt let myself quit and i got 25 out of 30 minutes knocked out. it combines cardio, weights, yoga, and lots of other fun, sweaty nastiness. i felt so ramped up and energized afterward, it was awesome.

the other part of my day was despairing over my poor poor empty cupboard. i risked food poisoning to make some chicken salad from canned chicken over a year past date. i did some research first just in case and what i found said it would be fine. thank god, cause i'm about out of everything edible. it's kind of fun attempting to make healthy meals out of my bare bones supplies.

i made this wicked good noodle dish from ramen noodles, frozen peas and corn, and venison tenderloin slices. i added half the seasoning packet and some ground red pepper flakes to the meat i browned in a pan, then added half a cup of water and the veggies. once the noodles were tender i added them to the pan and simmered the whole deal until the liquid was reduced. it was so so delicious. and super cheap.

i'm crying out for cereal and fruits and fresh veggies. but this does seem to be a pretty great way to not only finally use up stuff i've had forever and to curb my compulsive and emotional eating/snacking habits.

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