oh yes indeed!...

woo yea...
who kicked ass and committed herself to working out? mmhm...its me. annnd...i did the whole program without stopping. even rocked some push-ups and jumping jacks. (big girl jumping jacks, by the way...hilarious and grossly fascinating...like a clown car wreck)

i managed to have a really great day of meals as well. breakfast was a bit sad, but i didn't have much for breakfast stuff. lunch was yummy. dinner was flipping fantastical. i made a venison tenderloin with a delicious glaze (recipe posted below), cheesy rice and steamed green beans. it was so so good.

and...i've gotten some more babysitting gigs, thank god, so i'll be getting some cash. i'm wicked broke and it's frustrating me like crazy. not having a job is driving me slowly out of my gourd.

downside for the week? my car decided to manifest it's hate for me and die completely and without reason. now i have to negotiate rides like i'm 16 years old except my car sits in the driveway and stares in the window mocking me. it says, "don't you wish you loved me more and abused me less now?" my poor baby, i do indeed, but if you don't start soon you may end up scrap metal. cash for clunkers mean anything to you? eh?

Tasty Glaze For Beef, Veal or Pork
-1 c. tomato chilli sauce
-3 tbsp. worchestsire sauce
-1 tbsp. honey (sage or clover)
-2 tsp. dried sage
-3 tsp. dried parsley

-Mix all ingredients well (add more or less of any ingredient to taste. i don't really measure them, just kind of go by taste)
-Coat meat with most of the glaze and bake at 350 degrees for 50 mins.
-Spread remaining glaze over meat and broil for 3-8 minutes.

makes a saucy, slightly crispy, tasty topping for most meats! yum!

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