just like crack...only sexier....

so last weekend, i attended my very first Zumba class....


it was AMAZING. the whole class was so fun. i worked my ass off, but didn't feel like dying. i was smiling and laughing and enjoying every minute. i made it through the whole 1 and a quarter hour class and when it was over i wanted MORE. like...right away.

i felt so good all day. i felt energized and full of awesome. the boy even said i looked "radiant". um? i will absolutely take that.

i had some minor soreness in my hips and feet/ankles, but when youre shakin your ass for an hour your hips are bound to feel it, and i know the foot/ankle shit is cause my sneaks need serious replacing.

but lemme tell you, i cannot wait to take my next class. the center where i did it holds classes tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays. it seriously could not have worked out better.

it is such a good workout y'all. one 1 hr. session burns around 750 calories...for an average (150 lb) person. just imagine how much more it burns for someone weighing twice that? you know how long you have to walk on the treadmill or the elliptical to burn that much? nuuuts. i'll take the fun, dance-y option over the stay-in-one-place-and-die-of-boredom one. but thats just me :)

other than that...i've been doing really well lately. i'm in hella better spirits and i'm back in a serious groove. i'm eating seriously well and still enjoying the various treats of spring and summer.

 i've sort of modified my "low-carb" diet to reducing mostly only processed food. most of the processed foods available are super high in sugar/carbs/badstuff, so i want to be avoiding that. some fruits and veggies are high in sugar/carbs, but its all natural, and i'll be hellbent to find something wrong with it. there are no preservatives or chemicals, or additives, so i know its safe to put in my body, and whatever sugar or carbs that are in it will be used, and used well. i think by reducing the amount of processed foods, the number of carbs i consume will be naturally lower.

my jeans are fitting better every day, even if the scale isn't moving. my brother and i did discover that my scale is messed up though. i should be well under 320 by now, but the scale shows me between 323 and 325. whatnow? my scale has always been wicked reliable and now its trying to make me cry. the scale at my moms shows the right weight, so i'm not super worried. i know i'm doing what i should be and sticking with my goals, i'm not going to let it get me down and bingey. no ma'am.

till next time,
goals folks, let's achieve em!


  1. Can I get a WOO HOO on the Zumba! I love it to. Our gym only has 1 class on Saturdays - BOO!
    Congrats on finding your groove again!

  2. I have been thinking of going to Zumba but was always afraid that I would not be able to do it or would stick out. I am so happy to read this and it is giving me confidence to try it!! You are doing awesome. Keep it up!!!

  3. I totally want to try Zumba. Looks like so much fun. I found you thru Mrs. Fatass. Looking forward to doing this thing together! Check me out at: http://desperatelyseekingsizeten.blogspot.com

  4. I saw a video on those 'as seen on TV' infomercials. I didn't think they make you work so hard! Clearly I was wrong, it seems like fun! WTG!

  5. I have a Zumba DVD, but I haven't tried it yet. *chicken*

    Does your scale need a new battery? I know ours always wonked out when the batteries were getting low (so does the Wii Fit balance board, for that matter - doesn't stop working entirely, but isn't as accurate).