its not you...its me (but really...its you)

oh baby!

spring is such a tease, 'specially up here in the northeast. 50 degrees and sunny one day, 2 feet of snow the next. but soon my friends, soon, it will be all spring-all the time and i cannot wait.

now dont get me wrong, i looove me some winter, but just in like...reasonable, non-debilitating ways. and now that its march, i don't think its unreasonable to tell winter to just move on. we had a fling, and its over. sorry winter, if i wanted to be monogamous i'd move to alaska. i've found someone else. someone warm and cuddly, with only a touch of your cold breezy mystery.

i wanna get out there and walk again without freezing my cookies. i wanna put my coat away (which, if you know about my deep and torrid love affair with coats, is really saying something). i wanna spring clean, ya know, in the spring? i wanna smell fresh grass, and flowering trees and hear the birdies. all that spring-y shit. i want it.

now-ish would be super.

and going with the spring theme here, i'm feeling revitalized. refocused. i've found a new stash of kickassitude.

i realized something the other day. so many people, myself included, give up when they have a bad day, week, or month (months? holla). when i used to do weight watchers, something would come up and i would justify eating badly and i would gain a little. then i'd feel so bad about spending the money for WW and then gaining that i would spiral. and instead of forgiving myself and picking my poor deflated self confidence and motivation off the floor, i'd leave it there. ignore it. and while i was ignoring it i descended deeper into emotional eating, comfort eating, angry eating...etc. then all of a sudden to resurface 6 months or a year later 30 lbs heavier and freaking the fuck out.

i'm getting better at noticing little emotional me all trampled and deflated on the floor. i just give her some love and breathe new life and confidence into her. i'm giving myself that billionmillionth chance (cause you know that second one had came and went a LONG time ago) to recharge and get back on my feet. i may be a little scraped up, but wounds heal...if you let them.

one final thing, i need some help y'all.
i want to go lower carb. LOWER, not superlow. like cut my average daily carbs by like...a fourth. or a third. just something. help me be more aware of the right and wrong kind of carbs i'm putting into this beautiful machine of mine.
so..what i need from you guys:
if any of you are doing low carb, or are carb conscious, or want to try to be,
-i'd appreciate any tips or tricks to reducing carbs
-suggestions for different foods to keep on hand
-meal ideas/recipes

you get the idea? bueno.
i would also love to hear your feedback or any research you've done on low(er) carb living/eating.

oh! i also recieved some blog awards a few weeks ago, which i promise i'll post, but i wanted to officially say thank you for!!

till next time...

goals folks, lets achieve em.


  1. i know nothing of low carb sorry
    but i wish it were spring too
    and i think its a huge nsv knowing not to give up over the little things
    your doing a heck of job
    keep it up

  2. I like Ezekiel bread because it's low carb, high protein, and it taste good toasted. That way, I never have to give up my tuna sandwiches!

  3. I eat low-ish carb, but being on WW currently just count points. Back in the day I attempted Atkins! I think anything with "whole" wheat or grain in the first few ingredients for bread products is good to stick with. lean meats, more greens, oatmeal etc etc...its a good idea, go for it!

  4. Hey there... Just came upon your lovely blog...
    When I was doing low carb the best book everrrr was called 500 Low-Carb Recipes from Dana Carpender..
    It has the most amazing recipes ever, ever chocolate chip cookies, yessss and they tasted real ...
    Give it a whirl...

  5. The easiest way I gave up carbs was just to say no to sugar and white flour. That cut out about half of what I'd been eating, while still leaving in fruit, whole grains (which, frankly, I don't love) and the occasional potato. It was great because I didn't feel like I was overthinking it, or making too many weird rules for myself, and I ended up eating more fruit/veg simply because it was easy when I wanted to reach for bags of pretzels. Good luck!

  6. Hey :) I just came over to your blog via another blog, and just wanted to say, keep up the good work! I'm on a healthy lifestyle change as well so I understand the challenges and frustrations. In regards to your carbs, in my opinion, it is better to eat more complex carbs that have a lox GI index, they make you feel full longer and don't send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. Sure, if you have a problem with too many carbs then, absolutely cut back, but your body needs a few carbs, just make sure you are pick the right kind (100% whole wheat, veggies, that kind of thing, google it LOL).

    Good luck and saluations :) my blog is www.sarinat90.blogspot.com if you are interested.