super sunday update....

first off, i could give less of a shit about the super bowl, so i'm just gonna talk about how great my weekend has been : )

i weighed in on friday like i said, and the scale told me i was 337, but i call bullshit. i've been retaining a metric ton of water lately and just been feeling generally bloated so i think thats where the extra pounds are coming from. i've been trying to up my water intake, but it just never seems to be enough. my clothes are looser, so i know the weight is coming off somewhere but its just not showing on the scale.

so this weekend....

well, my weekend has been amazing. matter of fact, this whole past week has been amazing. relaxed and refreshed and just feeling great. took a walk with my guy in between rain showers and made some tasty, healthy dinners.

i feel more clear and focused and goal oriented than i have in a long time. my motivation and excitement for school and classes is back and i'm working hard to catch up and get everything back to good. i've started carrying around a notebook again, which seriously helps me organize my thoughts and my days and my life.

and things are starting to work out with my internship search! i got a callback on friday from one of my top choices and have an interview set for wednesday!!! also today i knocked out and revised a KILLER resume and coverletter and sent them off with some applications for some kick-ass job opportunities. i'm crossing my fingers extra hard that i'll hear back about one particular application; it's for a TSS (therapeutic staff support) job with NHS Human Services in Central PA!!!! its a CHERRY job and i think if i even get just a callback i'll be proud. (and if i get it...bitches there WILL be some serious celebrating going on).

one minor disappointment this week was that i didnt get to go to zumba on wednesday. our instructor was in a car accident and couldnt do classes. hopefully this coming week will have me boogie'n and burnin.

i'm starting to get my life back in order, get my career some running shoes and a practice track, and get one step closer every day to that navy blue and white cap and gown.


  1. Your weekend does sound like it was awesome!! And I so didnt care about the super bowl, but I got to go to my brothers and see my ADORABLE nieces and nephews so it made it ALL worth it!

  2. Glad you had such a great weekend Erin!

    One thing that came to mind while reading your post is the water retention. I wonder if you may need a diuretic to help you lose some of that water retention. When I was at my heaviest (315) I was taking two of them and now at 255 I am only taking one but when I miss them I can tell and I puff up.

    You may want to mention it to your doctor and see if it an option/need for you.

    Take good care of yourself!