to tweet or not to tweet...

even after swearing up and down that i would nevereverever join yet another social media site and put my bits on display for the world....

i've been contemplating setting up a twitter account for the xxl-files. a weight loss related kind of thing to complement the blog.

but i feel the need to ask your opinion.

so? what do ya think? yay or nay?


  1. I have a Twitter account linked to my blog but I don't use it a lot at this point...

  2. I just jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. I like you was a little hesitant. It is fast paced and a little tough getting used to for me.

    There are some great discussions that go on there. Like last night #fitblog

  3. I did weight watchers. it worked, but It took FOREVER. last year, a month before my best friend's wedding I wanted to lose 11 Pounds, and my mom found this diet that works fast. I lost 10 Pounds in about 20 days, and it wasn't one of them creazy low carb diets or anything. they give you this menu that you need to follow, and it menipulates your hormones, and forces your body to burn fat. here's a realy cool website I found about this diet- some girl tried this diet, and she created a blog and reported every single day untill she reached her goal weight. check it out- this diet is easy to follow and I lost the weight fast and haven't gained it back since :)
    Here's a link to this girl's blog: