busy bee...

hey guys! long time no post, eh?

i've been busy busy lately, but i thought i'd hit ya up with an update or two.

school is going great. i'm riding a serious wave of motivation and actually DOING SHIT. huh...this is new. lol

i think it really ties in to the behaviors and skills i've learned on my weight loss journey.
-and a serious desire to not fuck myself up.

who knew? you work hard on changing one part of your life and you end up effecting all parts of your life. it's really kind of a wonderful realization to come to, you know? realizing that i can change my worst habits and transform them into habits that will help me succeed.


on the weight loss front, my numbers have been going slightly up and down over the last week or so, but in general i'm maintaining. a combination of moving more and eating regularly is definitely giving me physical results. even after only a week of climbing up from the parking lot to my first class, its getting less taxing each time i do it. i'm loving the fact that lugging 20 lbs of books up a mountain will only help me get stronger and lose more. i'm trying to focus less on the number on the scale and more on the physical improvements i can see and feel, cause in the end, the number is the far more subjective measurement.

i've decided that i'm going to switch to bi-weekly weigh-ins. at first, i'm sure i'll have some anxiety about not seeing a number every week, but i've been noticing some obsessive weighing habits slipping back in, and thats achieving nothing but stressing me out. and i'm so over that.

on the love front...this girl could not be happier. :) i'm tearing down a lot of my defensive walls and disabling some negative defense mechanisms. its a transition, to be sure, but i could not have found a better partner to walk this road with. the people around me are noticing a marked difference in the way i laugh, talk, and smile. which by the way...its pretty much a constant thing, this smile of mine. i wonder...does strengthening of the cheek muscles burn calories? lol if not, i'm pretty sure i know one thing that definitely does ;)

hope to check back in soon!!!


  1. thats great
    im glad you are feeling great and maintaining
    keep it up

  2. Yay for the Evolving Erin!!! :-)

  3. I have faith in you, show us what you are capable of :)


  4. You can do it baby!! You will meet everygoal you set out to achieve! My support and my love is for you!! As is each kiss and hug. :)

  5. freaking misssed you posting! ps. i gave you a blog award!

  6. Welcome "back"! What an awesome update - glad to hear you're happy. :)