conquered cravings and blog love...

hey all,
i'm taking full advantage of a cancelled afternoon class and an open computer to come and blog at you fine people. you're welcome. :-)

first, i just have to share how excited i am that i actually made a good food decision last night. lately my eating has been hit and miss. mostly just grabbing lunch or dinner on the run and between classes, the unconscious iffy choices have kind of snuck in. but i'm on it, the hecticness of a new schedule is gone, so its time to be smart. thats what college is about, no?

ok, i don't know if everyone gets em, but around here we get these coupon booklets from mcdonalds in the mail. baaaad news. so there was one in the mailbox the other day and it was just sitting there on the counter, looking inanimate but totally beckoning. it had me craving in a bad way y'all. just about the time i was trying to justify a mcd's run and simultaneously slipping on my shoes, i stopped. i said self, come on now, you were just telling me the other day how we need to get out of bad habits, and get back to basics. i replied, self, you're right, dammit. lets not be dummies here.

so off i marched to the grocery store where i picked up some fixings for a cravings buster. i got some thick cut oven fries and some italian rolls and when i got home, i made one of the tastiest grilled chicken sammys i've had in a lonnnng time. and it totally killed my craving. for the price of a greasy burger or chicken sandwich and fries at mcdonalds, i made a way better decison, and even had enough left overs to take to school for lunch today...i'm tellin ya, i'm gettin my smarts back. indeed.

second on the agenda, i recently recieved some blog lovins from two lovely ladies, kimmi and rachel. thanks girlies!

okay, the rules for this little cutie are:
post 10 things that make you happy
try to do at least one of them today
and pass some lovins on to 10 other bloggers

and go...

10. the pure pleasure of picking up a big, fat, glossy fashion magazine. the more perfume ads the better. just something about the way it smells and the content just equal pure luxury for me.

9. catching up/spending time with my brother. that kid is so fucking funny. when he comes home from school we spend hours just hanging on the couch laughing, telling stories and looking at rediculous youtube videos. it just never feels like home without him.

8. cooking. for me, finding a new recipe that i just can't wait to try is thrilling. buying the ingredients, preparing and cooking the meal, step-by-step puts me at peace. and even better, sitting at a table with people who i love and who love to eat what i oh-so-precisely prepared for them.

7. folding laundry. and not just any laundry. hot from the dryer laundry. mmmmm

6. spending time with the ones i love. friends, the boyfriend, family...they all mean so much to me.

5. amazon.com. do i really have to explain this one? perhaps my 8 page wishlist can help you out.

4. being outside. i love nature, in all seasons. i love seeing the places of my memories, and discovering new places to make memories.

3. photography. bliss. period.

2. finding out that i really can accomplish my goals, if i only give myself what i deserve. and that is love. and forgiveness when i screw up.

1. blogging. i have found an insane amount of love for this here little outlet of mine. for some reason, you people let me say whatever the hell i want to. and i love you for it.

share the love....
ok 10 bloggers i want to share some lovin with:
about half of these are ''new-to-me'' bloggers who i just gotta share some love with...
Girly Bitz -funny as hell. peri. od. love.
Erin @ Glam, Glitz & Gut- i don't just love her blog cause we got the same name.
Tiff @ Project 365- this girl is seriously amazing. she's got serious motivation and a serious goal. i definitely admire her in a biiig way.
The Phat Nanny- totally fun and funny. love.
Jheneal and Jheanelle @ The Lost and Found- two sisters, one goal. love.
Lilu @ Live it, Love it- hmmm...just because someone just won a bunch of 20SB awards doesn't mean i can't jam some more love in her pretty face, right? take it lilu, take it like a man.
Dree @ The Making of Dree- an american girl in ireland. love.
Sophie @ Tales of an Ordinary Life- one of my favorite brits. love.
Tricia @ Fight Fat Phobia- cause she's laid up with a busted foot, going batshit. love.
Hadley @ Halving Hadley- she just returned from a bit of a hiatus, and we are all glad to have her back. love.


  1. magazines make me happy too. Great job avoiding McDonalds!

  2. Awww, Erin, thank you so much for the award! What a sweet welcome back.

    I was catching up reading your blog last night, and I'm so happy that school's been going well for you and that you're happy with your boyfriend. You're wonderful, and deserve all the goodness in the world.

    McDonalds occasionally likes to send me coupons too, probably because they enjoy torturing us. Go you for ignoring the coupons and making something healthy instead!

  3. Consider the love jammed. ;-)

    Thank you so much, love muffin!!!

  4. Awww! Thanks so much Erin! Your blog makes me happy as well! :)

  5. Love the before and after pics! Keep up the good work!

  6. We just saw this post Erin! Thanks for the love. =] Your blog is one of our favorites, and your posts are always fun to read. Glad school is going well for you!

    Speaking of McDonalds, we had a run-in with Ronald this weekend, and it was ugly! Ugh! I am so glad we don't get coupons because we would be screwing up left and right around here...

  7. Hey Erin!

    It's been a bit since we've heard from you so I wanted to check in. I hope you're busy kicking ass at school and that we'll hear from you soon!

  8. Thank you so much! You are too kind.
    Sorry I haven't stopped by lately. I've been slacking on my bloggy love because of the computer infection.
    Love reading you too. And congrats on conquering the MdD's cravings. French fries are the devil. I probably would've lost that battle.

  9. I've been doing better with food too... it's so hard, but SO worth it.