what the wha?

what is it about the dead of winter that makes me want to carbo-load like a motherfucker?

the past week or so my food choices have been less than stellar. there's been a serious lack of fruits and veggies, and also lean and red meats. no wonder i've been feeling a bit of the crud. a straight diet of pastas, breads, and cereals will easily make me feel like shit.

tonight i had a dinner of blackened chicken, pasta with garlic and parm, and a massive serving of green beans. already i can feel a difference. kind of a bit of a wake-up call. if i want to hit my goals, i have got to get back to basics.

balanced diet
+ move more
+ drink plenty of fluids
+ plenty of sleep
= weight loss

this is the formula i KNOW works for me.

i've been letting some (if not all) of those guidelines slip away. i haven't worked out in weeks, i've been sleeping way more than i need to be, and went rather lax with my diet.

done with that lameness, right now.

school starts on monday and i plan on taking full advantage of the on-campus gym and the necessity to walk to all my classes. i plan on packing healthy, satisfying snacks and meals to get me through the day without ever having to step foot inside the dining hall.

the last time i was on campus was 15+ lbs ago. the climb to and from classes was taxing, i refuse to let it remain so.

weigh-in on saturday. good or bad...i'm facing that scale.

its time to wise up, get back to basics, and rock the fuck on.


  1. Way to kick yourself in the ass, girl! Thought I'd have to do it for you, but seems like you know what you're doing! Stopping or Quitting is NOT in the game plan!lol

    ...I can't do this alone...

    Just keep thinking to yourself "sex on top, sex on top" LMAO

  2. I'm with you!
    I've needed that ass kicking too lately but I'm not giving up. I know you won't either.
    Keep it up!