day 3

today was pretty great.

i attempted day two of the shred, but last night i pulled a muscle in my neck pretty badly and the sit ups and push-ups were just agonizing. i did as many of them as i could before feeling like my brainstem was going to detach.

heres me all pumped to get shredding
instead of pussing out though, i put in some time on the treadmill. then, while i was in my gym i realized how depressing it is in there. how i have to force myself to stay in there. i need to decorate in there. do it up so it might be a place i enjoy going and feel great in. i did rearrange some of the equipment to open up some space. also i put up a shelf in front of the tread so that i can plug in my laptop and watch movies or tv episodes while i walk. better than staring at the clock.

i'm gonna bust out a serious walk tomorrow while the little booger's napping. i've got a new movie from netflix i haven't watched yet, and how better a way to spend an hour or two?

i've also found a pretty effective pre-workout snack: 1 slice bread or pita spread with 2 tbsp reduced fat peanut butter. its about 300 cals but it keeps me satisfied since i don't usually eat a huge lunch, and packs some good protien. apples and pb is great too, but until payday i'm fruit and veggieless except for half a grapefruit, and really, grapefruits can suck it.

now for some stats-

calorie goal- 1800
calories eaten- 1853
shred level 1- 8 minutes
walking on treadmill

dude though, even 8 minutes of shred has me sorrrre! i know the more weight i lose the easier it will be to do the whole thing. so...goals folks! lets achieve em!

oh, and this totally floored me the other day watching tv with the kid.....

it's called Pop the Pig. you'd think in a country that has such a huge problem with obesity among children and adults they would pass up the idea for a children's game that involves you stuffing a pig full of hamburgers until it pops. i'm a bit disgusted by it really. seems ridiculously counterproductive.

till tomorrow y'all


  1. 30 Day Shred is awesome, but wicked and I love the shredded pic. Keep up the great job!

    There are absolutely no words for that pig game...I would never buy that. Just because I find it kind of creepy.

  2. i saw that pop the pig game
    it is ridiculous
    not even funny at all
    who ever thought of that was digusting

    but great job with the 30 day shred it is really hard at first
    it doesnt get any easier till i weighed about 200 pounds
    which took a couple months
    just stick with it it is definatly worth it another good one are the biggest loser dvd and jillians no more trouble zones
    i do a different one every day it keeps my muscles guessing lol

    best of luck

  3. You remind me now to get off the computer and get my sneakers on. I must get my ass in gear now! Have the best weekend!

  4. Good-on-ya there girl. And Gettysburg PA, is this the four score etc. etc.

    Here is a tip from Ireland, do not put cinnamon bark in a homemade Thai curry no matter how much you think it should work it really doesn't.