oatmeal, rock of ages, and self discovery...

first off...oatmeal? we're friendly again. like reaaal friendly. i've been feeling burnt out on cream of wheat and while i was cruising the cereal isle, i looked over at the hot cereals. now let's get something straight. i don't do the fancy oatmeal flavors like date and nut or whatever, i'm one of those people that still are way into dinosaur egg oatmeal.
(which is THE shit by the way. in what other breakfast medium can you start with little eggs and end up with teeny little dinos?! i challenge you to find it.) but i decided to give the jolly quaker another chance and by god he did not disappoint. i picked up the apples and cinnimon flavor, which includes bitty little pieces of dried apples, the only thing i wish there were more of. other than that its a super breakfast. one little packet comes in at under 150 calories and i stay full and satisfied till just before lunchtime. super delish yo. in fact...i think i'm a little obsessed. is it possible to be an oatmeal junkie? just gimme my dark roast and a bowl of that and i'm in heaven.

secondly, rock of ages on broadway.
i wanna go real bad. the only thing, i cannot stand constantine maroulis (of american idol fame) and unfortunately he plays the lead male. sigh. he just looks so ridiculous, and not to mention his overly campy-lothario act. is he really that attractive or just full of his own shit? oh well, they've got some major other talent. enough so that i'm considering going anyway. hmmm...there may be trip to the city in the soonish future.

as far as self discovery goes, i've discovered something about myself this week. i really am strong. i make goals and i have what it takes to chase them down. i may not get there exactly when i plan to, but i will get somewhere, and the only way to go then is onward and up. i think for the first time i'm seeing myself as a success, and a success in progress. i used to think that only once you got to your goal weight could you consider it a success. but now i see that as long as you keep pushing yourself and never settling for half your best, you are already succeeding. success is not measured in pounds and inches. it's measured in the willingness you find inside yourself to go one more day, one day at a time.


  1. I've never heard of that oatmeal before. I'll definitely have to check it out and see if my grocery store carries it. I love the little things that can make us feel like we're getting a treat while still maintaining our daily calorie goals. And by the way, you kick ass on sticking to your calorie goals. You motivate me to be strong and realize that I can do the same, so thanks!

  2. Finding the reservoir of inner strength is always a welcome revelation. Good for you!

  3. I have never heard of dino egg oats. Crazy.

  4. Be very careful. Carbs are carbs. Weight loss is nastily simple, move slightly more than usual, consume slightly and very slightly less than normal. Then the bloody weight just melts. But it is slight changes

  5. "it's measured in the willingness you find inside yourself to go one more day, one day at a time."

    Well said, Erin. ;)

    My sister is an oatmeal addict too. She would wake up and eat a bowl of oatmeal everyday if she could lol. But her flavor of choice is the Cinnamon Raisin (it comes with real raisins which she refuses to eat lol).

  6. Mmm, oatmeal. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Right now I'm on a hate cycle.

    I freakin love your last paragraph. What a great self-revelation! You are awesome!

  7. I LOVE oatmeal! I add two tablespoons of ground flax to mine for some extra healthy benefits - it is really, really filling and delish!

  8. The oatmeal has been around for years-LOL
    Go see ROA- It's awesome & so is Constantine.

  9. "Rock of Ages" rules; you'll love it. Bet you change your mind pretty quick about Constantine as soon as you see it. He plays a real sweetie. Sit back and enjoy!

  10. I always love the IDEA of oatmeal, but never quite the oatmeal itself.

    Though I do add it to pancakes and I think that's yummy.

    Maybe I'll try again.