i iron-manned that shit...

holy beezus and ramona....

want a challenge? have your best friend get stuck in your snowy ass driveway and then push that shit till you just can't push no more...

in your pijamas...

my arms and chest and back are just screaming. but it was a hell of a fucking workout. and, bonus: i discovered that the $40 i spent on winter boots instead of spending it on christmas gifts was actually worth it.

in other news...i'm almost at the end of my scale-less challenge. i'm excited and scared about stepping on the scale. and then i'm wondering whether i want to go back to weighing weekly or do it monthly. in all honesty...i busted ass for like half the month and did some serious work. the second half? not so much. i still made progress, true...but i know i could have done so much better. i may compromise and do bi-weekly weigh ins.

i also tried on a few dresses i bought last summer and maaaan. there is a serious difference. they are SO big up in the bust lol. and there's serious improvement in the way they drape on my figure now. now i'm pumped to go shopping for some new sexy dresses. :D

christmas dinner is game-planned like hell, and i'm really excited to see how it'll go. starting wednesday...4 days of baking and cooking and merry making shall commence.

hope everyone has a kick ass holiday! stay strong y'all. no need to fall ass over ankles off the wagon!


  1. OOO Sexy dresses! o lalala :) Well you are quite the beauty, I must say! Bi-weekly is a great comprimise..and by the way you can do it!!! In the short time I have known you it shows you will meet every goal you set out to accomplish, there is no stopping you!! Clearly, you are on my mind..and remember you are something else..something so special you make me smile a never ending smile :)

  2. Im excited for you to weigh in!! You've obviously made progress no matter what the scale says! Have a great holiday!!

  3. Pushing that car does not sound fun! Buy yay for the unexpected workout! I'm so thrilled for you in your plans to buy new dresses. What an accomplishment when your dresses turn out to be baggy! Enjoy the holidays.

  4. Hey there! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I just wanted to stop in and say...GO YOU! I can't believe how much of a difference you can see with each loss in your pictures! Get it girl!

    p.s. I HATE snow as well.

    You can check out my blog at: www.project365th.blogspot.com

  5. LMAO@Beezus&Ramona

    Youre awesome.

  6. Hi, stopping in for the first time. Sounds like you had quite the workout getting your friend's car unstuck. The upside is that now she owes you!

  7. Get 'er done!LOL Good job! Can't wait to see how you feel about weighing in once a month. Let me know what you think!

  8. I only *tripped* off the wagon a little. Not too bad at all. ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  9. So how did it go Miss Erin???

    Happy New Year to you doll!