a great start/ *new progress pics*

today is day 2 of going scale free. i feel like i'm off to a really great start. i did weigh in yesterday and found i was up 1 lb, but thats way better than the 6 lbs the scale kept showing. oi.

yes...marvel at my paleness and the teeny spot
of green nailpolish i'm too lazy to just chip off

i've been eating really well yesterday and today, staying right inside my calorie goals. i've cut a lot of high carby foods, or reduced the amount of the ones i can't live without. i also have been sticking to my plan of drinking only water and coffee. no juices or tea or soda for a while.

i'm going to be taking a page out of rachel @ body by pizza's book and regularly post stats. i feel like it will help me hold myself accountable. i'll be posting my calorie goals, intake, and activity. i'm starting the shred tonight, so hopefully i'll be busting out some serious calorie burns along with my regular walks and gym time.

calorie goal- 1800
calories eaten- 1753
35 minute walk

calorie goal-1800
calories eaten- 1803
shred level 1 (20 minutes)

and now for the moment that has me really tickled....my newest progress pic!

i cannot believe that the same jeans that, just a few months ago were so tight i couldn't sit down in without being afraid they'd split, are now getting very loose. every week they fit better and better and soon they just won't fit at all. lol look how baggy they are in the ass! god, every time i take a new picture i just am blown away that there is an actual difference. sunday i went over to my moms for dinner and i wore a tighter shirt than i have the past couple times i've seen her. when i took my coat off she just...looked. then smiled. it felt so good. this hard work i'm doing. it really does show.

alright, it's definitely a start. forward momentum! onward! :)


  1. Great job - I notice a huge difference! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah, there is DEFINITELY a difference, congrats girlfriend :)

  3. Looking better and better. I'm happy for you too!


  4. wow the difference is amazing keep up the great work

  5. Well done, that weight didn't come off on its own, it took a hell of a lot of work. Keep it up!