day 4

first things first, i have to reccomend to anyone who feels a little lost, if you feel like giving up, don't....stop right where you are and read this. this chick never fails to make me laugh and also inspire me to kick ass like i know i can.

secondly...dudes, i just had the BEST fucking dinner ever. (well, at least this week) it was totally healthy, and insanely delicious.

i got this little idea today when i was craving pizza hardcore, but didn't wan't to blow my diet for the day.

not entirely original, but it's the first time i've ever made it and it frigging rulllllles.

fresh mini-pizzas with turkey pepperoni

1 whole wheat sandwhich thin, split
1/4 cup tomato sauce
1 cup part skim mozzarella
6-8 slices of turkey pepperoni
1/2 cup chopped red and green peppers

heat oven to 375. place sandwich thin halves on a cookie sheet. spoon tomato sauce over the thins evenly, top each with 3/4 c. of the cheese. arrange pepperoni and top with peppers and the remaining cheese. bake for 5 minutes, set under broiler for 3 minutes or until cheese browns on top. cut each pizza in half and serve.

total calories per serving-531
total fat-26.5
total carbs-37.1

wanna know how good it was?


also, you will notice the empty yogurt container. this evening, i discovered for myself greek yogurt. all i have to say is, why the hell didn't anyone make me try this before?! my grocery store just started carrying it, and i hope they continue, cause i'm pretty sure the little four pack i bought aint gonna last long.

-todays stats-
calorie goal-1800
calories eaten-1656
walking-1 hr 20 mins
calories burned-297



  1. Turkey pepperoni? That pizza you made looked great! Good job on the calories and the walking.


  2. Um, yum!! That looks delicious. I am so trying that next week!

  3. Erin, thank you so much for the shout out! And HELLO. Those pizzas you made? I eat them at least 3 times a week. I think my record was something like seven dinners in a row. I LOVE THEM. I also use turkey pep. At 17 slices for what? 80 cals? You cannot go wrong. I usually put 8-9 on the pizzas and then eat the rest. So bad it's good. Do you use low-sodium sauce? I never knew the stuff existed until a few months ago. Now I can't get enough. Add some basil and you're in for a TASTY treat.

    You are doing so fricken good. You're going to get that weight off and it's going to stay off. Holy shit, this is exciting!!

  4. Yet another delicious use for those sandwich thins. Yummy! Thanks for sharing.