stats/ christmas dinner plan of attack

calorie goal-1900
calories eaten-1924
circuit training- 1 hr
calories burned- 150

calorie goal- 1800
calories eaten- 1400 (i did end up sleeping in till past noon)
walking- 1 hr. 25 mins.
calories burned-309

calorie goal- 1800
calories eaten-1700

this week is going by so fast. i still get the urge to weigh at least once a day but the point is, i don't. i'm sticking with what i said i wanted to do. the eating is slowly becoming second nature, and i have to say, it feels amazing. like, for all those times i said i knew what i was doing and then subconsciously sabotaged my efforts, every day i'm learning a new way of getting through each day stronger and better than the day before. i know what foods to definitely not bring into the house, and i'm making sure i keep the best of it stocked constantly.

my mom and i are planning christmas dinner. for 12 people. 3 of whom are on diets. but 9 of whom are gravy and cheese and stuffing loving whores who demand the impossible from us. lol temptation from HELL. but instead of being intimidated and caving and serving up piles of clam balls and cheese balls and all that fat-trociousness. we are making smaller portions of the things the boys absolutely can't live without, and revamping the rest to make it healthier. also we'll be preparing some alternative dishes for the weight-loss minded who don't want to go nuts.

our family has used christmas dinners/ holiday parties as an excuse indulge on a grand scale. this year, at least my mother and i are sticking to the goals we made. the boys? they are irritatingly thin (not neccesarily healthy, but their asses are forgiving when they eat too much...::evil grin:: for nowww...hehe) but the point is. goals folks...theyre being stuck to, and it feels great. empowering even.

in other news, i won't say much just yet, but there's a possibility for love in the air this winter :)


  1. oooh la la la. loooove. :)

    and good job on the eating!

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Only thing I'd add is a whole cheesecake and a cup of half-and-half.

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  3. Woohoo for both the love and the eating!! That's great that you have some dieters amongst the Christmas dinner gang, especially since you get to plan what to make. Have a nice weekend!