adventures in bingeing.....

holy binge eating, batman...

what did i do this week?!

i don't know what came over me at times, but i know it wasn't anything that had weight loss in mind.

birthday cake...
margaritas and chips/tuscan spinach dip...
halloween candy...
ice cream...

all i can say is thank god i didn't go on a fast food kick. but frankly...compared to binges i've gone on in years past, i'm just glad this occured over a week's worth of time instead of one weekend, or hell, one day. i know i didn't do all bad this week. i had a few healthy meals, pretty decent activity at least 4 days out of 7, and plenty of water, no sodas or massive amounts of snacking. just some out of touch moments of bad choices mixed in with some emotional eating.

there are of course, a few choice excuses i could employ. TOM, birthday celebrating, etc. but i'm not gonna. the calorific malcontents are out of the house and i'm ready to do work next week. i have a goal to reach and i have to prove to myself that i'm willing to put in the effort to make it.

i'm still flip-flopping on making a decision on whether or not i will be weighing in tomorrow, as i usually don't weigh in on TOM weeks. i may do it anyway...sort of as a visual way of acknowledging and taking responsibility for my choices this week.

wish me luck, bloggers...i need to get back on my feet and my mind on my goal.


  1. Good luck! Your head isn't totally out of the game, and you didn't go all or nothing in the drive thru. You'll get our mind back where it needs to be and back down to business. WORD!

  2. every day is a new day
    i did this about a week ago thats when i decided to start blogging
    if you gained from it it will come off fast
    dont stress too much about it
    i figure if i binge every couple of month its actually keeping me on track lol and i dont feel like im in a diet prison lol
    best of luck

  3. Like you said, it could have been way worse! youll get back on track!!