back on track...


it feels so good to have my focus back.

the past five days have been great. i've kept on track, stayed within my calorie goals while still letting myself have a treat or two. i've also tracked my intake every day since thursday (which sadly is a personal best for the past 6 months or so lol) i've realized that if i'm going to stick with it, i have to make it into a regular habit. and to do that, i have to be willing to take the time to do it every day. also to be honest with myself and not try to pretend i didn't eat something if i did.

lol my fitday account is probably shitting itself wondering who the heck is logging stuff like they're supposed to. since i started using that site, i've only used it to log my weight and calculate my basic calorie guidelines and restrictions. now i'm really putting it to use, and i have to say i'm pretty proud of myself. to look at the log and see 5 whole days in a row rather than 1 or 2 every few weeks. sad, that is.

i've also employed a few tricks to keep myself focused...

-keeping the pantry door closed so i'm not looking in at all the snacks every time i go into the kitchen
-keeping the kitchen light off in the evening so i'm not tempted to go wandering in there for food when i'm bored
-drinking only one glass of non-water beverages a day
-eating my highest calorie meal for breakfast or lunch so that i can burn it off rather than carbo-loading a few hours before bed when i'm at my least active
-leaving my computer downstairs instead of taking it to my bedroom to avoid watching movies on netflix instead of getting well needed sleep
-brushing my teeth after each meal to reduce cravings

hmm. wow...i didn't realize how much i was actually doing to stay focused on my goal. that makes me feel kind of...excited. like i'm putting in a real effort without feeling like its a big hassle or forcing myself to do it.

now i just have to put in more work on the fitness front. i haven't been doing terribly with it, but enough to make me realize i'm still slacking. i have plenty of opportunities to get in exercise during the day, so i have to take advantage of them, cause there's no point in just letting them pass by and then bitching that i'm not seeing the numbers i want on weigh-in day.

i'm pumped to see what kind of results i'll see on the scale on thursday...


  1. Erin, you know those are all good suggestions. I'm glad you posted them for everyone. Keep up your good work :)

  2. Great goals. It's nice to see a spirit of recommittment happening in the blogosphere lately. Kick ass!

  3. Focus is what seperates the losers from the ummmm... people who don't lose in my estimation. If you can keep this weight-loss journey bubbling on the front burner, chances are you can see some positive results.

  4. Go Erin! I'm sure you'll see some great results this week, good luck

  5. Glad to hear you're finding your focus. Looks like you have a solid plan to help keep you on track. Can I recommend employing some associative techniques as well? For example, think of calories in terms of money. You have x amount to spend. It doesn't matter when you spend them or how you spend them, just don't spend more than you have? Thinking this way sometimes helps me when I am jonesing for a bad choice. Also, have you ever experimented with writing down the reasons for eating after you do (eg lunch - hungry, snack - bored)?