weigh-in/ thanksgiving recession style

happy thanksgiving to my fellow 'Mericans and happy thursday to ev'rybody else :)
i started out my day with a great weigh-in!

starting weight: 350
current weight: 332.4
weekly loss: -2.4
total loss: -17.4

i've lost one of these bad boys so far!

fuck yea! i'm exactly halfway to my 10% goal folks. mmhm.

but then for breakfast...doughnuts.
not just one...
i'm too ashamed to say how many. just know...there was carnage. sugary donut death.

i managed to wipe the glaze off my face, dust off the powdered sugar, and pull myself together.
then i moved the hell on.

later, we had to stop by the grocery store for some dinner stuff on the way to the train station, and we managed to create a decent feast for only $20. everything else we had or made do with something similar. bargain!

our little roaster chicken in lieu of a big ole turkey

simple. necessary.

my famous fresh corn and red pepper cornbread stuffing!

feast?! lol can you tell how much i love me some side dishes?

fresh cranberry, apple and orange relish

our mini punkin pies! 60 cents each and cuter'n hell!

so with another thanksgiving past, i'm thankful for-
-my bro being able to come home early
-sharp knives
-cheap wine
-fresh fruits n' veggies
-a sturdy oven (though God, if you're listening, theres not much i wouldn't do for some sexy double ovens)
-mashed potatoes with lotsa garlic and herbs
-knowing my family is safe and healthy
-and food coma bliss coupled with the relief that comes with knowing my weigh-in is done with till next week.


  1. Love the weigh-in, but hate to see the follow-up donut rampage. It took me a long time to realize just how much I was cheating myself with that kind of behavior.

    Anyway, happy T-Day. Impressive that you brought that meal in so inexpensively. WTG!

  2. Congratulations on your weigh in! And your Thanksgiving dishes look delish. Hope you had a good one!

  3. LOL on the do-nots that sometimes become must haves!!! I loved your blog!