rock. it. out...

have you ever looked back at something you've done and just wondered who exactly the fuck hijacked your body?

thats me, thinking about the kickassitude i built up and maintained this week. even when i did weight watchers and was hardcore dieting i never did this well without feeling like it was a homework assignment i was pretty sure i wasn't gonna hand in.

i tracked. everything. everyday.
i got in some serious activity at least 3 days this week. not that silly
"i walked up the stairs a lot today" bullshit.
my eating was fucking on point 7 out of 7 days.

and the best part?

i was really, and i mean *really* happy this week. i haven't felt this honestly good since...god, for a long fucking time.

i've got my shit together. for reals together.
i'm going up to Penn State tomorrow to sign up for my spring semester. and for the first time since even before i graduated from high school have i actually felt ready and seriously pumped about school. not pumped about paying for it, but what the fuck can ya do.

lol even after writing all this, i still have this "who am i?" feeling. did someone slip uppers into my water bottle?

psh...i don't even care. i'm gonna riiiiide it. :)


  1. I know the feeling...wondering if your body just might have been taken over by a pod person.

    Congrats on the good week. Hope next week brings more of the same happiness! =]

  2. That is so awesome! Hope it rubs off on me . . .

  3. Just keep doing what you're doing and that feeling will last, that's the best part. Treat it like a drug... that's healthy right?

    Nice work.

  4. It's like we are the same person. I've been saying I'll "really try" for months now without losing a single pound. But something has finally clicked and I've lost 7 pounds since Halloween. Great blog, great post. Let's keep it up!