apologies for the serious lack in posts, i've just really been sort of...out of things to blog about for the moment.

though i did wanna talk about my weekend fun...
my friend dani and i hit up TGIfridays for drinks and munchies (in which i did partake shamelessly).
tip though...don't go out drinking BEFORE you plan on trying on jeans...lets just say there was some....frustration.

here's some of my shopping spree loot

cream v-neck sweater: $30

gorgeous dark blue denims*: $40

studded animal print flats: $10

embellished leather flats: $40

i also stocked up on some of my favorite old navy t-shirts in white and dark grey, and found a cute slouchy tank for layering in wine for $1.50!

aaand i picked up my traditional birthday caramel apple. its a yearly must...indeed.

* a little story about those PERFECT lovely new jeans. so the pair i tried on fit nearly perfectly (i'm pretty sure the margaritas and appetizers had SOMEthing to do with that), but they had a stain on the leg and the button was loose in its setting. now, i never buy "projects". i expect the clothes i buy to be ready to wear. i went out of the dressing room after trying on all my selections (of which there were many, but none really called out to me), i grabbed another pair, in the same size (trust me, i ALWAYS check) and headed to the register. happy customer, no?
later, at home i'm taking off tags, lovingly putting away my new purchases, and i decide to try on the jeans again. imagine my surprise when i had to fight to get them all the way up, let alone the battle it took to get them buttoned. there was something WAY wrong. so on a hunch i measured the waistband. it's an entire 4 inches smaller than the same size jeans i wear now that are too BIG! now, i know the ones i tried on fit amazingly. this means they sewed the wrong size tag into a size 24 jeans. AND LEFT IT THAT WAY!!!!! i am beyond pissed. i bought these with the sole purpose of being able to wear cute jeans NOW. now 2 sizes from now. grrrrrrr.

has this ever happened to you guys?


  1. First off: happy belated birthday!

    That's so annoying about the jeans. I'd say return them if it's possible. That's never happened to me before, but I'd be quite annoyed if it did. You've got every reason to go buy a pair that fits.

    Despite the jeans disappointment, that's definitely some cute loot you picked up. Enjoy your new clothes!

  2. Were they from old navy or the gap? If so, I'm not surprised; I've had something similar happen with sleeve length ... got home and had midget sleeves!

  3. old navys jeans are like that alot
    i never leave that store without trying everything on
    but i would take them back and get the right ones

  4. @k- nope, they were from lane bryant...i've never had serious issues with them...their clothes are usually stellar quality.

    @hadley- tags are already off...and i guess, despite my frustration, i'm determined to get in (and out) of those jeans...and soon.

  5. Oh man, what a bummer on the jeans! That has never happened to me before, but I did have a shit-fit this weekend trying on jeans and not being able to fit into them. Same brand/style as the jeans I have on now (which are too big), yet I can't fit into one size smaller. BULLSHITTTTTTTTT.

    O, being a girl.

  6. surriously.
    i think i'm gonna go ahead and buy another pair to wear now, then once they're too big i'll give em over to the traveling pants blog. sounds like a plan to me.(and another reason to go shopping again hehe

  7. That happened to me once - I bought two pairs from Banana Republic at the same time, same exact style, one cream and one black. The cream ones fit perfectly, the black ones were waaaaaayyyy too tight. So, when I started losing weight, I made it my goal to be able to fit into the black ones - and now I do! Make them goal pants!