need a challenge?

so as thursday draws nearer, i can't help but feel a bit nervous. i've done pretty well this week, but i did fantastic last week and lost next to nothing. i've got serious fingers crossed.

i'm not sure if ya'll caught my last post, for some reason it posted with a completely different time stamp and didn't show up on my own reader, so i'll recap.

sucky weigh-in. moving on.

i'm setting myself some new challenges and i wanted to know if youse guys wanted to join me in in busting ass to start '10 a little lighter and with goals achieved.

i want to go scale-less for the month of december. i want to see if it will be easier to focus on feeling good and getting things done without obsessing about 3 little digital numbers.
my challenge will start on dec. 1st in the a.m., when i will post pictures of my weight on the scale. i'll hide my scale away where i'm not tempted to pull it out and take a quick "peek". on jan 1st in the a.m. i will weigh-in and take an "after" photo.

wanna play along at home? if i can get a few chicks (and dudes, too...im an EqualOpportunityChallengesetter) i'd like to propose a giveaway to award to the person who loses the most weight by the challenge end date. i haven't yet decided what it'll be, but i'll have a better idea of what to give by who i can get to sign up! i'll call it the official December Scale Boycott challenge. eh? lol i'm open to other suggestions too.

i'd also like to set a fitness challenge for myself (and for anyone else who wants to challenge themselves) i want to log 45 miles either walking or biking by january 10th. my motivation is to be able to hike my way up and down the walkways at my college campus (which is on a friggin mountain) and i'd like to replace about 20 lbs of ass with a fat backpack of books.

wanna join me? if yes, leave me a comment saying so or email me directly. i'll set an official roster on dec. 1st.


  1. It's best just to move past crappy weigh ins.

    That is a great challenge for yourself!! I think I could totally do it too... but I tend to forget about challenges I sign up for, hehe.

  2. What a great idea!! I think that I get very focused on the numbers instead of how I feel overall. I will certainly think about the challenge, but as of yet I'm not brave enough to put in my name! Good luck with your next weigh-in. :)

  3. I rrrrrrreally want to do this, but I'm a ttoal numbers Nazi and feel like I need to weigh-in every week to see how things are panning out... especially for these last 38 days of 2009. Once the New Year arrives, I think I'll try it. Ir at least switch to bi-weekly weighins!!

    Good luck!

  4. Im doing a 30 day shred challenge!! Intersted? I think ill be walking after as well. like an hour of exercise a day!