battle chinese take-out...

i win, you lose chinaman.
tonight my papa called on his way home from work and asked if i would care for some chinese. really? no. i already had a fun little blackout oreo binge this afternoon. actually it was like 6 oreos, but it was still out of control. well, long story short i caved, but i made sure to specify my order because my dad is still in that mentality some guys (and some chicks who aren't food conscious) have sometimes that surprise food is a nice treat.
yea, nice and dangerous.
instead of my usual (read: former) order of sesame chicken, white rice and cheese wontons i got chicken and snow peas, a baby container of white rice, and wonton soup. i ate with chopsticks because 1) i would eat slower and concentrate more and 2) its amusing. i ended up only eating about 1/4 of the small portion i put in my bowl and only two wontons with broth. the soup was delicious and just filling enough. i drank lots of water in between bites and i ended up really satisfied with what i ate, not regretting it.
so hell yeah, i won another round of Food Fights (i look all sick and icko so no fun pic for tonight's food fight. though i am kind of thinking of doing this as a regular feature, maybe get one of those wrestling belts they make for kids and just having a nerdy ole time with it lol. what do you think? should i make it a regular?)


  1. Good for you!!! You are winning this food fight, girl!

    And thanks for the note on my post today. I really needed it. I am taking what you said to heart. So THANKS for being a friend...

  2. I'm all for the wrestling belt. I was thinking it to myself at the exact time I read it here, so obviously it's meant to be.

    Chopstick diet...I'm in.

  3. -tricia...somehow, somehow i just fucking new you'd be down. gimme like a week to mooch some money or beg someone for a job and it is totally done.

  4. I am liking you more and more all the time! Thanks for the incredibly kind note on my blog! :) I am thankful to have someone like you to share this journey with...I haven't told the people around me yet! Thanks for being my support!


  5. Oh my word! One more thing!!! I just saw that you like vintage and 1950's!!! I do, too! I collect all kinds of stuff that is vintage/1950's! It's the entire reason I go to estate sales!!! Haha!

    Okay. I'll stop with the exclamation points. But that's way cool.