big drama...

so this season of biggest loser, huh?
drama much?

i'm still pumped though, i missed the last couple seasons due to a pretty crazy work schedule, so i'm gonna enjoy my free tuesday nights while i can.

does anyone else feel like its insane-o for people to lose upwards of 15 lbs. in a week? that just seems so crazy. totally unrealistic in a normal person's life. hell, i'm pumped if i lose 2 lbs. in a week. but then again i'm not spending 28+ hours a week in the gym, i don't have specially created meals made for me every day.

i must struggle on and celebrate my measly 2 lb. loss and dammit if i'm not going to be proud of myself for what i do get done.

unrealistic or not, it's still highly addictive tv. ha. i think it would be hilarious if they only showed biggest loser on the tv's at gyms. then no one will be sitting on their fat asses while watching, they'd be moving their fat asses.

so i had to play nursemaid today and fuck if i didn't get way tired of it after the first few trips up the stairs. my dad is sick all the time. it's because he eats like crap, drinks all the time and never follows through with anything health or fitness related. i weigh almost 100 lbs. more than him and i don't have half the health problems. the man was in the marines and national guard for god's sake. he keeps saying how we should work together on getting healthy and yet one day after we actually start making progress, he holes up in bed claiming fever. the only time he managed to haul his ass out of bed was to go to the kitchen for food. he laid in bed ALL flipping day. he even called me on the house phone from his cell phone because apparently he couldn't yell loud enough to make me hear. it was pathetic, but i have to admit, going up and down the stairs all day got my blood flowing a bit.
thats my little whiny rant for the day...thanks very much lol
anyone got any ideas on how to motivate family members to get off their asses?

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  1. Maybe get him to watch an episode of biggest loser with you? (In case you can't tell, I'm approximately half kidding.)

    The numbers they pull in weigh ins are really insane. It's incredibly unrealistic, and they don't have any other obligations, and all that justification, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a twinge of jealousy when I see their crazy drops. At this point I'm more inspired to work harder than discouraged by how much more slowly than them I'm going, but I could easily see that turning.

    We just need to keep telling ourselves that 2 pounds is, in fact, a good week!