oh HELL yes...

i'm down 4 lbs.

fuck that rules. it's the evidence i wanted to prove to myself that what i'm doing can actually work. not that i can't feel the evidence, and i feel amazing, but that number going down is so great.

i'm seriously excited today. today started out on the crap side, but now, oh man. it defininetly helps.


  1. Congrats on the loss!

    I also don't stress too much about staying in that 1-2 pound limit. Maybe when you're 150 pounds or whatever, you really should just stick to that, but like for me, I'm 248 pounds. Moving my body burns a ridiculous amount of calories. As long as I'm eating enough to get nutrients, I don't worry about going too quickly.

    Congrats again on the kick ass week!

  2. Hey! I'm a new blogger, and I wanted to say hello. Congratulations on your loss! 4 pounds is fantastic. Enjoy your Sunday!