gross day/new goals

yuck. gross day. nuff said.

in other news...i decided to make a list of goals, mini and long term, for myself. some of those are:
-walk or work out every day for a month
-Woo! Birthday Challenge! lose 22 lbs by my 22nd birthday in november. it might be a bit ambitious, but i'm gonna give it a go.
-complete each level of my Bootcamp DVD

long-term goals
-hit 250 by November 5, 2010 (my 23rd)
-hit 200 by May 5, 2011
-hit 175 by November 5, 2011 (my ulitmate goal)

i think these are decent goals, but i'm not going to be depending my happiness on the number or if i don't make the dates. it's just something to keep in mind and keep me motivated. i would absolutely love to hit my goal before my 25th birthday.

i've got a working list of fun rewards as well including some pampering, clothes, tattoos and other junk i might want real bad at the time lol.

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