this just in: Fried Chicken v. Fatty; A Winner Announced!

Erin-1: Chicken-0

"You may have seduced me, chicken, but I DEFEATED your ass!!"

how did she do it? we asked her.
"well at first i was intimidated, but then i decided to use the fried chicken's weakness to my advantage. you see, underneath that nasty, deep fried layer, there lies some pretty bad-ass protein for the taking. i chose to create energy from my slip-up and totally burned up that gym!"

oh. yes. dammit.


  1. Congratulations to a champion!!! Yay!!!

  2. You're hilarious. Way to rock the casbah.

  3. #1: NICE hoodie. Love it.
    #2: You kicked that chicken's ass. For your next match, you should knock out some pizza.
    #3: That picture = awesome!