tasty sweet treats/too much "stuf"

today while i was grocery shopping, i decided to indulge my cart with some sweet treats. usually i don't have a huge sweet tooth and i'm usually pretty satisfied with a popsicle if i get the urge, but as the weather gets colder (and sometimes when it's just cause i want it) i start craving sweets that have a warmer flavor, like pumpkin or chocolate or peanut butter. i found some great options that are readily available at any grocery store:

mini sized nestle drumstick ice cream cones. comes in a pack of 10 (5 vanilla, 5 chocolate) avg. about 150 cals per serving. they're a perfect little size to give the taste you want without feeling guilty for eating a full size ice cream cone.

-oat and peanut butter, oat and chocolate granola bars
i LOVE these. its a small snack with big filling potential. also a much milder sweetness, more savory kind of sweet snack actually.

made by little debbie, these snacks are cute and super tasty. like pumpkin pie only portable. i love these in the fall because i can get the pumpkin flavor i love without tempting myself by baking a whole pie

i also indulged in some halloween oreos. can i request to nabisco that they put less "stuf" in their cookies? theres only so much day-glo orange icing i can stand.
i've been obsessing over oreos for the past few weeks and when i had some for my dessert this evening i just wasn't as into em. i feel both proud and disapointed. its like all these things i scarfed so easily in the past, now that i actually let myself have them, let myself taste them...i don't even dig the stuff anymore. mostly i'm excited to be seemingly breaking myself of these foods that used to vex me and send me into wild bingeyness.


weigh in tomorrow...let's see how the numbers roll!

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