mexican victory!

my mom and i went and ran some errands today and decided to stop at an awesome mexican restaurant for lunch. it was (and still is) one of those pretty rainy days. i love rainy days. i wanted something warm and cheesy for lunch so i got my favorite quesadilla creation ever. it's called a Quesadilla Texana which is chock full of grilled veggies, chicken, shrimp, steak and cheese. it's a decent sized, filling meal and it totally hit the spot.

but the real victory here was i managed to completely avoid the tortilla chips. they're not all that good, and the salsa is eh. the only difference this time was that they were set way across the table from me. hmmm...out of arms reach = not much interest. if they had been sitting in front of me, i'd have munched mindlessly while my mama and i chatted. i was able to enjoy my meal without being full of mediocre tortilla chips. i had this "oh, HEY!" moment as we were finishing our meals and i have to say i was pretty proud of myself.

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  1. Tortilla chips are a weakness of mine, so I am so impressed that you were able to avoid them. And why waste your time eating something that doesn't even taste good. You should definitely be proud.