surprise! money!

holy majoley.

i've had this pile of mail from the last month or so that i've been trying to avoid opening...cause really, who wants to open bills when you're dirt broke? not me. with a sigh i sat down and started ripping envelopes (half tempted to just rip them in half and pretend i didn't get them). i opened a credit card bill...sigh. i opened a hospital bill...sigh. and then i opened what i thought was junk mail and i almost peed myself when i pulled out...A CHECK FOR 300 BUCKS! what the who? how? what? apparently they decided to pay me my profit sharing from my old job, even though i lost my job before the end of the quarter. and to think i almost threw it away! holy yea! to go from no money to whoa money is a head rush. and i'm struggling not to go on a spending spree. but then i remember...sigh...bills, car repair, blah blah.

oh well, i'm not stupid enough to tempt the fates and not appreciate a surprise windfall so i'm going to enjoy the brief security of money in the bank. add in a couple big nanny gigs this week and i'm relatively rolling in it this week lol

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  1. Hurrah for a surprise check in the mail!!!
    That is so cool!:-)