i'm used to eating pizza not perpetrating cliche game-show tactics!

so, biggest loser tonight...yeaaah.

starting to remind anyone of that never-tiring, endlessly annoying phenomenon that is realworld/roadrules challenge?

next week i'm gonna look around for coral, queen of the alliance...maybe some quick and dirty lesbian sex on infared cam. ooh goody! stupid drama for ratings!

this week's episode did just what it was supposed to do. antagonize someone. anyone. there's gotta be a villain. and tracy was just dumb enough to take the spot.

though i have to say i was totally loving jillian. she can be a major douche, but she was pretty great this week. i'm trying real real hard to forget about her weight loss pill sell-out and concentrate on her on the show.

and poor mo. if i were him, tracy'da been bitchslapped up and down that ranch.


  1. a-freaking-men to all of that. I love Mo, but he needs to kick her butt. I really can't wait to see Jillian's reaction to her next week. What a bitch. However, I think it came out well anyway.
    How funny is it that Sean will be naming the new baby Jillian?? LOL!

  2. Tracey was horrible. Coach Mo seems so wonderful, and Tracey is just acting horribly towards him and everyone else.

    I thought what Sean and Antoine did at the end was just so fabulous. I was really impressed with them.

    Jillian's growing on me too. :)

  3. I know @ Jillians weight loss pill and detox! I was sooo dissapointed, shes always preaching that there isnt an easy way out...grrr!

    LMAO@comment about the challenges. I kind of miss Coral sometimes but those challenges go to the extreme.

    And ty for offering to send me your resume! Mine is embarrassing! Since moving here Ive had so many jobs...it cant look good. Oh well :)

  4. HAHAHA nice.. I love that picture.. in a bad way.. because I have seen it with SO many funny captions.

    You rock my world. :)