::ahem:: and the award goes to....

me :)
alrighty, first up: thanks hadley, i return this award to you in spirit since ya already got one!
second: rules- 6 things about me my readers don't know and then passss it on.
alright, bitches (and dude bitches) let's knock this out...
1. are you sure you checked mapquest?! do you know where we're going?!?
i am intensely phobic about getting lost while driving, especially at night. if i'm going somewhere new, i get directions from all (seriously, ALL) the maps/directions web sites. over the years, since i got my car when i was 18 i've been taking steps to control my fear and anxiety, such as taking road trips (i went to tennessee!), and taking new routes on a whim and exploring new areas (but only during the day!)
2. what time is it? time for you to learn how to tell time...
i didn't master the skill of reading a clock until i was almost 15. i think it may have something to do with my dyslexia, but for whatever reason...i just couldn't get it. i got picked on by family members all the time about it. it was hardcore embarrassing.
3. one...two....FUCK!
i have both my nipples pierced. back before my tattoo/piercing parlor of choice enforced a retarded appointment policy, one could walk right in and get inked or stabbed. randomly one night i was driving through town to meet some friends and thought, what the hell? so i went for it.
4. bright lights, big city...
i love cities. almost any city. although i've lived in the country my whole life, whenever i go to NYC or Boston or Philly...DC, Baltimore etc...i feel right at home. there's a buzz of energy in a city that makes my skin tingle. i have one fatal flaw that just don't cut it in the city...i'm far too polite. guess i'll have to work on that before i decide to make my big move.
5. you see there was this guy... no wait
i downright SUCK at telling jokes or stories verbally. you see, i'm a writer at heart, so when i tell a story, i'm revising it at the same time, so i get all fucked around and stupid. the people nearest and dearest to me are well aware of this so, accordingly, they'll either deal with it (my parents, adult relatives) or they will tease me to no end (my darling baby brother) but i'm a firm believer in that if you are lacking in one area, you make it up tenfold in another. for me, it's my laugh. i have a great laugh. i am constantly laughing. my brother, he tells fucking great stories, so i always make sure to show my appreciation by laughing till i bawl.
6. can you close that?
i am obsessive about things being open that shouldn't be. cabinet doors, drawers, the lid on the washing machine, shower curtains. if i'm in a room that has something open...i get itchy to close it. my family thinks its flipping hilarious. every now and again, my brother will go out into the kitchen and open up ALL the cabinets, drawers, microwave....and just stand there and smirk because he knows i can't just go on about my business and not have a maniacal need to closethosedamndoors!
now for my honorees-
-rachel at bodybypizza: this chick downright rocks. i love her blog, i love following along on her awesome journey.
-natasha at creating natasha: one of the sweetest, awesomest canadians i've ever had the pleasure to meet.
-tricia at fight fat phobia: bad. ass. bitch. end of story...
-sophie at tales of an ordinary life: this is one lovely brit. i love her blog and i can't wait to see how far she goes with it.
-thuseybelle: this chick rules. i look forward to getting to know her better. she's a sister in this weight loss journey and a fellow ink addict.


  1. Happening by your blog - I really like your mini-goals - I could (and should) apply them all to myself as well.

  2. Congrats on your award! What a cute award too! I can empathise with number 5. Just cannot get the darn words out!

  3. Cute award.
    Love your mini goals. Very sensible and achievable.
    I can't tell a joke to save my life either...

  4. Woo thanks for the award, I shall post my 6 things soon. Also I'm pretty rubbish at telling jokes too!