weigh-in/ the cuteness

starting weight: 350
current weight: 338
weekly loss: -0.6
total loss: 12 lbs

so yeahhhh...this week's weigh in was telling. though when i look back over my week, i know where i went wrong. and surprisingly it wasn't the introduction of candy and sweets into my house. i think it had more to do with the fact that i didn't track AT ALL, and i ate out a few times. i ate more often at night and was pretty inactive. i'm just glad i didn't gain.

it's time to re-commit. for reals. i really kicked ass yesterday getting the house cleaned and cleared away (over the 3 weeks or so that i was sick, i really really let the housework slide). it feels good to have a clean house again, clear of all the clutter. now i just have to work hard on the activity and tweak my eating a bit, make healthier smarter choices.

in other news...today and tomorrow i'm babysitting for my godson. he is such a freakin cutie. hopefully i can burn some serious calories chasing his goofy ass around the house lol


  1. I've found that I can eat dinner out one time a week (making reasonably good choices) and still bring a good weigh-in home. More than that and you can throw it out the window...

  2. I hear you. This past (birthday) weekend KILLED me... time to get back on the horse!!