when you know you have a real friend...

is when you go almost a month without talking and she still loves you.

cause she knows you hate talking on the phone and can never remember to call people.

but quietly reminds you about how much it annoys her to help you be a better friend.

love you sarah. thank you for putting up with my crap for 8 years and still loving me.
love you to the moon, and then to pluto.

best best on the planet

so...i went on a grocery store binge today. not eating, buying (though the eating will come). but i bought me a neat little stash of halloween crap. i didn't buy a huge variety bag of candy, rather a couple full size candy bars. i think i got like 5. i hid them up in a cupboard for when i just gotta have me some chocolate. i also got a package of popcorn balls. theyre pretty low in fat and calories and also super awesome. the only thing is now i've got a bunch of candy and sweets in the house and i'm waiting for that urge to binge to kick in.

i'm proud of myself for not spending 20 bucks on candy, but i'm wondering if i screwed myself over by giving in to my cravings.

we'll see, come weigh in on thursday...


  1. She seems like a great friend to have!

    I usually get a bar or two of chocolate to have around the house for when a chocolate urge kicks in. Sometimes you just need it!

    Popcorn balls, I miss them so! Yum!

  2. If I buy it, it will be gone within days. Not always just me, the kids and hubby contribute as well.

  3. I love it when you see a friend you haven't seen in ages and it's just like you'd never been apart! Sign of a true friend