Battle Wendy's Burger Smackdown

so, yesterday i was driving around town, running errands and i decided to stop and get some lunch. but where to? subway? nah. what i really wanted was a cheeseburger.

first step was deciding if i could handle going to a fast food place and not going nuts. yup...i could.

step two was calming my anxiety about going into a restaurant alone. not a lot of people know this about me, but i have severe anxiety sometimes about eating in public. especially alone. for years anytime i ate fast food i used the drive thru and stuffed my face in shame and in private. so i sit for a while in the car. i breathe. i assign a number value to my anxiety level. i wait until that number goes down by at least two and then i go in.

next step is deciding what to order. when i used to eat wendy's a lot i always ordered a double cheeseburger, large fry and large root beer. i knew calorie and fat wise that was a really terrible decision and probably more food and drink than i could comfortably eat. so i downgraded. i got a regular cheeseburger, medium fry and root beer, and a frosty jr. (about 3/4 c.) i took my tray and found a table. i chose a table in the center of the restaurant, in view of other people. before i started eating i assesed my anxiety level and waited for it to go down a bit. i unwrapped my food, arranged it and dug in.

i enjoyed it immensely, did not feel ashamed for eating fast food, and didn't stuff myself full and make myself sick.

ohhh yea. another win for moi.


  1. Woo! Nice work! Nothing better than getting a non-scale victory. Next time perhaps take your planning a step further and plan what you will get? For example, a Wendy's Double Stack is a lot less calories than a McDonalds McDouble, but if you asked most people they'd guess the same. Use those resources girl.


  2. Yessss! Congrats on the multiple victories!!

  3. I know that success with baby steps is likely to be lasting. The next time you'll order the same thing and not think twice. It will be second nature. Good luck in your journey.