giving up my ghosts/ fashion update

over the years, i've had a lot of different ghosts in my head saying negative things.

some are me. some are family members. there's even one from waaaay back in the 3rd grade.

i had planned (and got halfway through writing) on writing a blog about the last experience there. it was a rough time, and it's haunted me for almost 15 years...but recounting a crappy childhood experience is so not the point i want to make.

from now on, the only voice in my head is going to be mine and i'm going to try damn hard to make sure its a positive one.

on the other note, i found an AMAZING website today.

it's a flipping fabulous plus sized online clothing store, a lot like lane bryant but with better prices and aimed more at 20somethings and a thousand times more fashionable. all of their pieces come in sizes 14-32, also pretty, sexy lingerie and the some of the most orgasmic shoes and boots (in wide calf sizes too!) i fell in love with it!! it's UK based but they ship to several other countries including the US.

i just had to share my favorites!

yummmm...guess where i'm gonna be doing my shopping spreeing?


  1. Good for you! That is the attitude that we all need to have. I take inspiration from you!

  2. Oooooh, I love all those clothes! Can't wait to check out that site!

    It's always a good thing to hush the demons and think positive! Not always easy to do though -- good luck!

  3. I wanna hear your 3rd grade experience. Gosh, kids were sofa king cruel and I still think of certain things that to this day hurt my feelings. But then, do I really think they are sitting around thinking about me? Probably not. They dont deserve all that energy and neither do you.

    I love those clothes! Now all I need is a job...

  4. ooh! those clothes look adorable.

    I think you're on the right track trying to get rid of the ghosts.
    Great work :)

  5. You are a girl after my own heart! I loved everything that you picked out. Those red shoes... HOT!!!!!

  6. good for you ! love your blog

  7. Good for you!! The clothes are too cute!!