starting weight: 350
current weight: 337.2
weekly loss: -.8
total loss: -12.8

ugh. the worst part is that this comes as NO surprise. i totally dropped the ball this week. too much or not enough of one thing or another. still, its always nice to see even a slightly smaller number.

oh, and just a tip...if you weigh-in in the mornings, don't get all anxious and weigh yourself in the middle of the night "just to peek". i'm certain my weigh in would have been at least a pound better had i not lost my patience and weighed myself at 3 a.m., and when it said i was up 2.8 (!!!!) i then proceded to have a food orgy of shame. thank god i just stuck to pretzels and chips and not the leftover chicken and mashed potatoes calling my name in the fridge. i was also contemplating some grilled cheese and other crappola. thank the baby jebus.

also...i'm getting a little sick of all the product placement on biggest loser. it's just ridiculous. i think i may opt to watch online and bypass all the commercials. did you know at least 30 minutes of the biggest loser programming is commercials? NUTS!


  1. Yay for still having a loss :)

  2. Hello :)

    First, I love your pumpkins- came out AMAZING. Secondly, congrats on the 12 lbs you have lost. I am now on day 13 of my weightloss journey & trying to find others to chat with and get help from.

    And Im a sucker for Grillcheese and mashed potatoes- like on the same plate, mmmm thats yummy. I have given up so much to try to get thin.......lol

  3. @miss felicity- thank you for your comment and for checking me out! i love meeting new people and if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm always an email or im away.

  4. I hear you about the product placement. Like, look at how easily I change the Brita water filter and use Ziplock bags and Jenny-O. Good Lord, I can't even bring myself to buy Jenny-O now b/c they make it sound so rediculous!

  5. Come find me on Facebook/Myspace- names Felicity Oliver. And.... if you want a layout I could make you one this weekend. Just tell me what colors you like, hearts, stars, etc.....

  6. You are hilarious.