woo! award!

thanks many times to sophie for choosing me for this loverly award.

according to the rules i have to answer some questions and pick some others for the award, but it feels a little too 9th grade myspace survey-ish, so i'm gonna opt out.
but just know, if i read your page, it generally means i think you're awesome.

in other news, thanks y'all for all the well wishes. my doc's appt. went fine (no lecture lol) but he really didn't tell me anything i didn't know so it was just like....yeaaah thanks man for validating what i figured out on my own. he prescribed me some stuff, but i generally like to avoid prescription medication so i'm goin it on my own. all i really wanted to know was that it wasn't anything more worrying than a cold on crack. the cough is pretty much on it's way out so the worst of it is gone...phew.


  1. Is that a new profile pic!? Omg it is! <3

  2. I'm the same way, all I want the doctor to say is that I don't have the Bubonic Plague or the Ebola Virus (which I'm always convinced it is until told otherwise), and then I'll sweat it out on my own.

    Feel better soon!

  3. Congrats on the award! I'm glad the doctor went well. I hope that you feel better!