throwing in the towel...

i have to suck it up and go to the doc's. dammit.

i hate going to the doctors. i haven't been in like...5 years. i'm always terrified they're going to tell me i have some terminal illness or just something that will ruin my life forever. (that and the dreaded scale/weight lecture)

but this cough is insane. i've had it for 2 weeks and no matter how much i fight it, its only getting worse. on top of it i'm sleeping for an insane amount of time every day/night, my appetite is barely there and i've got a persistant headache.

i usually take the tack of "suck it up and don't complain" when it comes to sickness and pain, but now i don't even have to say anything and people around me know something is wrong.


in other news, i had a pretty great weekend. my mama and i hit up the National Apple Harvest Festival on sunday and had a fab time. got in some really great exercise walking around the grouds and checking out the stands. some good music and original craftsmen showing their stuff and mmm the smells from that place. constantly cookin up something. but i went prepared. i took some mixed nuts and some pretzels in case i got munchy and decided to hold out for ONE thing that really caught my eye, food wise. as the name implies, there are tons of apple based foods and then your basic fair fare. i went for an apple sausage sandwich with mustard. it was freakin amazing.


  1. Oh I hope that the doctor appointment goes well! I'd say that anything that the doctor can do so that you feel better again sooner will be worth it. I am sick too with a crazy cough- went to the doctor's, it was a horrible day! At least my abs are burning from all of my coughing!
    Glad to hear that you had a great weekend!!

  2. Feel better, head on over to my blog to pick up your award! x

  3. Awww, Erin. As a fellow doctor-hater, I feel your pain. I hope the appointment went well (or at least not too terribly badly, the fat-person doctor visit measure of success) and that you get better soon.