oh. yes. *updated progress pics!*

i can't think of a title that can fully explain how flipping pumped i am right now.

starting weight- 350
current weight- 338.6
weekly loss- 4 lbs!!!!!
total loss- 11.4

ummm...hell YEAH!

i don't really know what kind of number i was expecting since last week threw me for a little loop. mostly this week i was working my ass off trying to negate that possible gain. i guess it fucking worked, man.

when i looked at the number on the scale, i gasped and literally almost fell off. lol. now, i always weigh 3 times in a row, to make sure there's no other possible weights, but i tell you what, i did NOT want to get back on. it was like my unicorn. look again and it's gone. but i did...2 more times...and YES! it's official...i'm down 4 lbs for a total of 11.4. i'm 4 lbs away from my first goal and 10.6 lbs away from my birthday goal

now i just have to keep myself going...i always start to slack off after the first 10 lbs so i gotta stick with it and do work.

for this next week i'm going to try and meet a few small goals-
-work out at least 3 times
-journal at least 5 days
-walk 6 miles (/wk total)
-kick major ass.


  1. AMAZING LOSS! Congrats! Why slack when you know you can lose this weight? Keep on truckin'!

  2. Congrats. You already kick major ass. MAYJAH ass.

  3. Looking good, kiddo! I know exactly what you mean about the unicorn. I wouldn't have been able to step back on...TWICE! :-) Rock on you rock star you.

  4. Good for you! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.

  5. YAY! You can see a huge difference already. Your tummy and butt look so much smaller. You're doing great!

  6. Congrats! I definitely see a difference in the two pictures. You are doing great!

  7. HELLL YEAH! That's Hell with three l's, that's how awesome this is! Nice work, keep goin'!!

  8. Wow look at the difference on your legs! keep up the good work

  9. thanks dudes...i've never done progress pics before in any of my other weight loss (mis)adventures...but i can't believe the diffrences i already see. its a huge confidence boost.

    and so are all of you :)

  10. Wow! I can see the difference! Good job!

  11. You can definitely see a difference. I am super proud of you. :)

  12. Yay!! Congratulations! I can totally see the difference!

  13. Yay!! I Am a newbie in the world of blogs but go go girl. Hell do I know how difficult it is to keep the ball rolling. I am going to cheer for you and do not go down now!

  14. Woo! Nicely done, Erin! I know EXACTLY how that stuff feels, when you hop on the scale and get blown away by how much you've lost. I've dropped from 270 to 230 since July, and trust me, once you get this kinda momentum on your side, nothing can stop you!

    Talk to me sometime if you need some weight-loss tips or help, or anything at all really. And keep it going!

    -Josh Wallen
    "I'm awesome!"